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Excellent Victoria Dental Crowns & Bridges

Here at Impress Family Dentistry, we believe you should never have to put up with a damaged or missing tooth long-term. If you suffer from damaged or broken teeth, our seasoned team can offer quality dental crowns and bridges that are customized to fit your smile both comfortably and naturally. We utilize modern dental technology and techniques to provide excellent restorative services that can rebuild your bite from an aesthetic and functional standpoint.

We have been reinvigorating the smiles of our local Victoria community for years. Our practice is equipped with CEREC technology which can produce beautiful tooth crowns and even some bridges within the same day. We have the technical capabilities to restore your oral health and beauty so you can smile with confidence for years into the future. Contact our office today for a consultation and see if our crowns and bridges are the right choice for you!


Why Get a Tooth Crown?

We use dental crowns (caps) to restore decayed, damaged, worn, or misshapen teeth.

Unfortunately, a broken or damaged tooth can cause more issues beyond aesthetic appeal. When a tooth is impaired, the enamel is no longer acting as protection, leaving the soft tissue, sensitive nerves, and blood vessels vulnerable. Chewing and drinking can become painful, and other complications can occur. Here are some indicators that you may need a crown:

The Final Phase of a Root Canal Treatment: If you require root canal therapy, we can offer this service and provide the crown you will need to rebuild the affected tooth during the same visit. The crown can also protect against the possibility of reinfection.

Restoring a Decayed Tooth: Once a large area of decay has been removed from a tooth, a simple filling cannot accomplish the job of refilling the space. Covering the tooth with a crown ensures the whole tooth is sealed off from plaque or further infection.

Improving the Appearance of Your Smile: Our custom-made crowns are fashioned to look natural next to the adjacent teeth. A crown can restore the shape and color of a tooth to make your smile sparkle and be consistent once again.

Why Should I Get a Fixed Dental Bridge?

If you need multiple teeth replaced or suffer from a bothersome gap, we can provide a fixed bridge, which is a suspended ceramic tooth stabilized by porcelain crowns on either side. There are numerous reasons why a fixed dental bridge would be the right choice for your smile. Our dental team will investigate your issue and provide insight into which procedure is right for your particular situation. Some common reasons you might require a dental bridge include:

  • Fill the space of missing teeth
  • Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position
  • Restore chewing and speaking ability
  • Restore the appearance of your smile

Dental Crowns & Bridges FAQ

At Impress Family Dentistry, our skilled dental team will provide the attentive service you need to ensure the crown or bridge is comfortably and securely fitted into your oral structure and remains natural-looking and durable for the long term. We are open throughout the year to answer all questions or concerns regarding the process. Some of the questions we frequently get asked about crowns and bridges include:

Who is a good candidate for crowns?
The tooth must be healthy to properly support the crown covering. Our dentist will examine your tooth to confirm that you're in good condition for a crown. If the tooth is infected, we can provide root canal therapy before placing the crown.

How long do crowns and bridges last?
With the proper care instructed by our dentists and regular dental checkups and cleanings, a crown or bridge should last five to fifteen years, if not longer. When the time comes to get a replacement, our dentist can create a new crown or bridge and give you another decade of a complete smile.

Reliable & Durable Victoria Dental Bridges & Crowns

At Impress Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to restoring your smile back to the glow it once had. Our practice has been aiding the Victoria area with quality restorations for years. We have the advanced technology, expertise, and seasoned chairside manner to make you feel confident in the care you receive.

Let our dental team provide reliable tooth crowns and bridges that will reinstate the sparkle in your smile for years to come! Contact us today for a consultation!


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